Review of Counterpoints by Laura Rossi

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I gave this book 4 of 5 stars. Counterpoints is book one of a trilogy and is a beautiful debut novel by Laura Rossi.

Isabella starts working at a PR firm for a racing conglomerate where their top racer is a cocky driver who is used to not only winning, but has a revolving door of women at his beck and call.

Christopher has everything. Fame, a career he loves and as many one night stands as he wants….until he meets her. The chemistry is instant, but will they be able to sustain it, or will one of them end up walking away…

“I am afraid to take a step forward and…miss the ground beneath my feet. You know, that awful feeling that you are going to hit the floor hard”
“Who says you will miss the ground?” she could hear him smile.
“What If I do though?”
“You’d fall down and then get back up again”

I loved this debut novel by Ms. Rossi. The character development was great and with only a few hiccups, and I thought it was very well written as well. I’m not normally one for cliffhangers, but I thought this one was well done and I can’t wait to read book 2!

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When Isabella lands the job of her dreams, she knows her life won’t be the same again, especially when her task is to travel the world with a car race team.
Leaving behind her family and loved ones, she embarks on a journey across continents, during which she’ll meet new friends, learn more about herself and about the people she can really trust, but most of all Isabella will fall for a man who is totally wrong for her.

Join Isabella on the ride of her life.

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