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   The Artist

   Things I should have done:

   Kept my dick in my pants.

   Stayed away from my adorable little roommate.

   Kept my mouth and hands, off of said roommate.

   Concentrate on my upcoming exhibition and prove my parents wrong.

   That’s what I SHOULD have done, but now everything is a mess and the thing
I thought I wanted most in the world has been replaced by an adorable
little brunette who refuses to even speak to me.

   The Muse

   Things I should not have done:

  Get distracted from my goals.

   Get close to my cocky roommate and his sexy smirk.

   Let his mouth and his hands anywhere near me.

   Be seduced from the kind of life I always wanted; quiet, ordered and alone.

   That’s what I should NOT have done, but now everything is a mess and the
things I thought I wanted most in life has been replaced by a cocky boy who
shattered my heart beyond repair.




   Nina Auril is an author duo who bonded over their love for ‘maybe’ bad
boys, offbeat and colorful females, and a desperate need to stand out from
a crowd.Having spent so much time with each other, they finally decided to
collaborate and create something amazing.

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Devastate By Marley Valentine is #Free for a #LimitedTime ONLY

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They always say to expect the unexpected. Little did I know the unexpected also meant the unthinkable.
No longer a wife or a mother, what was once a full and meaningful life was now obliterated; leaving me with nothing but darkness in its place.
Until him.
Blazing bright and determined to bring me back to life, Lior came knocking on darkness’ door. Gentle, yet fierce; he was armed in warmth and healing.
He was powerful, persistent and prepared for war.
I just don’t know if I’m willing to fight or ready to fall.
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Deviate by Marley Valentine
Release Date: October 12th, 2017
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*Deviate is a spin off novel and can be read as a complete standalone. The characters in this book are originally featured in Devastate*