Review: Mistake’s Melody by Anne Malcom

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Heart-wrenchingly beautiful, this book owned me from the very first word. It deserves so much more than 5 stars.

Wyatt and Emma have known each other since they were teens. Before Unquiet Mind was a household name. Before…

That was before.
Before the fame.
Before they fell.
Before the hurt and pain of a love that would forever be tainted by their pasts.

This book wrecked me. These characters came alive on the page. And I was all too ready and willing to consume every word they spoke.

Emma grew up in a house that had no love.

Wyatt was constantly belittled and never knew his true worth. Together they found they were enough.

“I loved you when I knew it was a bad idea. And I knew that it would end in pain. But I did it anyway. I don’t blame you for breaking my heart, Wyatt. I blame myself for letting you.”

All of my emotions were left in pieces on the floor while reading this book. The push and pull, the angst…gah! I wanted to shake sense into both Wyatt and Emma. To get their shit together; to be happy. Their love was like a rose, beautiful to look at but you will bleed from the pain of thorns.

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He’s world famous.
The most eligible bachelor in Hollywood.
Owns the stage and thousands of hearts around the world.
The bassist of Unquiet Mind.
Rock royalty.

But he’s none of that to me.

To me, he’s just Wyatt.
The teenager I met in my best friend’s garage.
I promised him he’d never get into my bed or into my heart.
It turns out I lied.

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